Workstation Ergonomics

As the electronic information age has advanced, so too have concerns and complaints about working with computers. By a combination of proper design and appropriate work habits, it is possible to virtually eliminate the risk of acquiring repetitive motion disorders associated with keyboard work.

Risk Factors for Computer Users

Many activities and work operations can cause minor aches and pains that we all experience at one time or another. For those who spend large amounts of time working with computer workstations, three factors have been identified as contributing to ergonomically-related problems. These are awkward posture, duration and repetitive motion. Although any one alone can create problems, the combination of all three produces the most significant risk of injury. While reviewing these factors, keep in mind that they apply to all activities and not just computer use at work. Also, recognize that you have control over how you work and that your approach to the work can have a significant impact in preventing future problems.